Washed - Peru - Huellas - San Ignacio - Lot 01/18
Washed - Peru - Huellas - San Ignacio - Lot 01/18
Washed - Peru - Huellas - San Ignacio - Lot 01/18
Washed - Peru - Huellas - San Ignacio - Lot 01/18

Washed - Peru - Huellas - San Ignacio - Lot 01/18

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Sometimes it takes a village. Or in this case, a community, and that’s what this lovely lot from the San Ignacio area of Cajamarca represents. Five farmer- producers (neighbors and family members) have brought their coffee— dried to parchment stage—to the collection center nearest them, either Nuevo Progreso or Señor Cauivo farmhouses. That’s the basic story. But for Arquimedes, Carmen, Derlys, Florentino and Flor Elina, reality goes much deeper.

Arquimededes says, “I was born in Pacaypamba in the Piura region, I came to work in San Ignacio 20 years ago with my wife. After working and saving, I bought a small coffee farm. and for 15 years I have been dedicated to the production of coffee.” The couple currently has 2 coffee plots and 3 children.

Derlys came to San Ignacio with his parents when he was very young, and grew up working on the family coffee farm. Now he and his wife are raising their two little girls in the area, both of whom are now in kindergarten.

And then there’s Carmen: Her farm, Los Milagritos (Little Miracles) has been part of how Carmen and her husband have supported their family, and enabled them to send their oldest son, Alex, to study for a technical degree.

Florentino Alberca Pêna came from Ayabaca to the province of San Ignacio in search of work, and learned how to produce coffee. He says, “I met my wife in this province and today we have 3 small children. We have had our own
farm for 4 years now, which I bought with my savings from work.”

For Flor Elina, a 28-year-old single mom, growing, picking and processing coffee with her parents and also from her own .5 hectares, a plot she calls El Progreso (Progress), means that she is able to support her her 9-year-old son, Ander Jhoel, who studies at the local school. She also raises and sells guinea pigs to supplement her income.

Derlys, whose nanolot Catalyst Trade was thrilled to purchase this year as well, added his coffee expertise to his neighbors’ as well.

These are the real histories, and undergirding them is a whole lot of hard work—day after day spent in all kinds of weather cultivating, pruning, fertilizing, picking, processing and drying coffee. All are members of Programa Huellas— (Footsteps)—which enables them to mingle their stories and the unique terroir of their farms into beautiful washed lots like this one.


Cola, black cherry, honeycomb, pink mimosa, a bit savory

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