Emily Mcintyre
Founder, CEO

Emily McIntyre

Emily McIntyre has founded multiple coffee businesses since 2008, including and Catalyst Coffee Consulting. She created the world’s first Coffee Marketing System, and has consulted in nearly every aspect of the coffee supply chain. A licensed Q Arabica Grader and a Director of the US chapter of IWCA, and an EO member, she is also a martial artist, a pro nonfiction writer, and a creator of speculative fiction.

Zelalem Girma Bayou
Founder, Relationships & Processing Director

Zelalem Girma Bayou

Zelalem Girma Bayou has an encyclopedic grasp of the ins and outs of Ethiopian coffee and puts it all to use as he leads the Ethiopian supply chain for Catalyst Trade. He spends months on the road in Ethiopia training and processing. Dedicated to working in coffee since 2008, Zelalem was previously an accountant. He’s a licensed Q Arabica Grader, a massive soccer fan (go, Arsenal!), and fluent in Amharic and English.

Michael McIntyre
Founder, Sourcing & QC Director

Michael McIntyre

Creator of OQC (Obsessive Quality Control) and green coffee expert Michael McIntyre is a serial coffee entrepreneur and consultant. A passionate coffee professional since 2004, he’s an award-winning roaster and experienced coffee buyer who’s specialized in Ethiopian coffee since 2013. He’s a cofounder of Catalyst Coffee Consulting, a licensed Q Arabica Grader, and a guitarist and bassist.

Leslie Wyatt
Operations Manager

Leslie Wyatt

Every duckling in our lineup has a dotted bowtie thanks to Leslie Wyatt, whose decades of experience as a professional nonfiction and Middle-Grade fiction writer show as she wrangles details, leads day-to-day operations at Catalyst, and translates vision into the nitty-gritty reality. Outside of coffee, she’s a martial artist, talented painter, and career storyteller.

Aaron Fesaha
Processing Specialist

Aaron Fesaha

Many years leading tours throughout the landscape of Ethiopia make Aaron a wealth of information and have given him absolute recall of every road he’s ever driven as well as conversational abilities in English and Oromifa. His years of experience at washing stations and export processing facilities also make him invaluable as he assists Zelalem in overseeing processing in the field.

Colin Rackelman
Lab Manager (Portland)

Colin Rackelman

Endless creativity, rigorous skill, and attention to detail combine in Colin Rackelman, who’s been working in coffee since 2010. His background is as a coffee roaster, cafe manager, and espresso tech. He’s a remarkably accurate cupper and outside of coffee is an avid rockhound and multi-faceted creative with a collaborative jewelry brand, Unearthed Minerals.

Lab Assistant - Addis Ababa

Tirunesh Ketema

After spending years working as a house mother for orphans in Ethiopia, Tirunesh joined Catalyst Trade and immediately found her place. She beautifully supports cupping, sample roasting, and other QC tasks in our Addis Ababa lab.

Lead Account Manager

Troy Ramsey

An experienced coffee roaster and green buyer who has worked in specialty coffee since 2011, Troy Ramsey supports his customers with absolute focus. Whether that means sharing the basics of purchase forecasting or brainstorming ideas for roast profiles, he draws on his background in data science and socioeconomics. He’s a licensed Q Arabica Grader and an ex-pro touring musician.

Account Manager

Chris Casassa

NorCal boy Chris Casassa isn’t just a die-hard coffee pro who led training for high-profile cafes and roasting companies in the Bay Area and Portland—he combines a rare mix of analysis and intuition to support his customers. He’s a national coffee competitor and absolute brewing geek since 2009. In addition, he leads a mean D&D campaign and knows way too much about natural wine.

Executive Assistant to Emily McIntyre

Morgan Meister

Magic in the details: Nebraska native Morgan Meister brings a diverse background to their role as CEO Emily McIntyre's Executive Assistant! They have a degree in dance and spent years managing retail businesses in Portland; prior to their current role, they were Catalyst Trade's Administrative Assistant and helped create many of the systems which make everything move smoothly. Outside of coffee, Morgan is involved in local theatrical productions, among many other creative outlets.

Processing Specialist

Argata (Ashenafi) Binbesa

A Sidama native, Ashenafi has spent years working in both field and export processing in Ethiopian coffee. He has significant experience managing warehouses and processes for clients all over the world and personally oversees much of Catalyst Trade's beautiful coffee. Outside of coffee, he's finishing a degree in Business Accounting and is a bodybuilder.