Your Humble Ethiopian Coffee Sourcerers

Coffee is the sacrament of humanity.

Go ahead, grab a cup. Let’s do coffee together; frankincense optional.

We are a coffee importing company working to revolutionize the way coffee is traded.


Majority Ethiopian-owned

Equality means everybody deserves a chance. Our founding members are a dream team of coffee professionals from the United States and Ethiopia. Ethnic background has everything to do with our effectiveness and nothing to do with our status.

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Social Benefit Company

We take our responsibility as an international importing and services company seriously. Every stakeholder impacted by us deserves consideration. We’re seeking B Corp certification from day one, too (because everybody needs accountability).

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100% Transparent

We believe no change can happen without willingness to expose ourselves to scrutiny. That’s why in 2019 we will be publishing full cost breakdowns for every pound of coffee we sell and actively stepping into the industry conversation to push us all toward transparency.

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Collaboration in Action

Think of Catalyst Trade as a campfire where everybody gets a chance to tell a story. We are born of a willingness to roll up our sleeves, wipe tears from each other’s cheeks, and ask “What if?” over, and over, and over until “What if?” becomes reality.

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Award-winning Ethiopian Coffes

Our coffees are magical, but there’s no sleight of hand here. Excellence is not accidental.

Our coffees are outstanding because we nurture our supplier relationships, because we continue to refine our sourcing and processing systems, and because we pay attention to every detail of preparation and shipping.