Washed - Kenya - Wakamata - AA - Lot 56
Washed - Kenya - Wakamata - AA - Lot 56
Washed - Kenya - Wakamata - AA - Lot 56

Washed - Kenya - Wakamata - AA - Lot 56

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Wakamata is visually stunning from its pitch-black fermentation tanks to its long, straight stripes of washing channels which carve down the slope on which it sits.
Annual production at this washing station (or factory, as it's called in Kenya) is between 200,000 and 400,000 kgs of red cherry. It sits on 5 lovely acres of Kenyan countryside.

Classic Kenyan processing techniques are applied at Wakamata, including drying the coffee for a minimum of ten days (depending on the weather) and conditioning up to a month before transitioning to the storehouse for no more than one day.

Additionally, water recycled from washing is used for pulping; dry fermentation takes place between 16-20 hours depending, again, on the weather, and the parchment will be taken to “wet tables” to drip dry after washing before being transferred to drying tables.



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