Natural Process Duo - Bitta Keffa & Wush Wush - Green Coffee Samples

Natural Process Duo - Bitta Keffa & Wush Wush - Green Coffee Samples

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Checho - Bitta Keffa

Long-time Catalyst Trade producer partner Dinkalem Adema owns several coffee sites in his native Keffa, including a washing station and the farm where outgrowers from the surrounding Bita area bring their freshly picked, red-ripe cherries for purchase.

For the most part, no one lot Dinkalem buys from the Bita outgrowers is big enough to process separately. Most farmers are smallholders with an average of 2 hectares or less, and one picking may yield less than a bag of ripe cherries at a time. Nonetheless the cherries flow in during harvest season.

The result: coffees filled with nuance, showcasing Keffa’s renowned flavor and terroir, honoring the scent of the red soil, drifting woodsmoke from cooking fires, and buna (coffee) ceremony of Keffa.

From smallholder to small roaster, please enjoy sharing this beautifully unique coffee with your community, wherever you may find them.

Wush Wush
We've been fortunate to experience such rich and beautiful flavors in Wush Wush. Spoonfuls of buttery, fatty broth of Kirkele (lamb stew). Forests of cardamom and green pepper. Breaks with Honey wine, snacks of roasted coffee rolled in ghee. World-famous teas and tisanes.

Getting to know the terroir and customs in the fabled coffee region of Keffa while strengthening our relationship with Dinkalem has been an endless discovery of nuance.

The “garden farmers” from which Dinkalem sources in the Ginbo district often harvest cherries from coffee occurring naturally on the land where they live. Through this coffee, we’re honored to bring their work and livelihood to the many small customers who tend to their own spaces and places on the roasted side of coffee.

Sample packs include (2) 1/2 lb. bags of each coffee listed.

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