Washed Process Duo - Hada Molecha & Hateso - Green Coffee Samples

Washed Process Duo - Hada Molecha & Hateso - Green Coffee Samples

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Hada Molecha

Kurume, Dega, Wolisho 74110, 74165 - these are just a few of the varieties growing from the red clay soil in Yirgacheffe, more specifically Aricha, where complex flavors like lemon verbena, lychee juice, Earl Gray and Jasmine blossom soda are possible with the right blend of weather, care and hard work.

The majority of cultivated land in the Gedeo zone is planted to coffee, and the average sized coffee plot is between 2 to 10 hectares, which may yield from only a few bags up to 60 or so annually. Smallholders contributing to Hada Molecha rely on the cash from their cherries to send their children to school and to buy clothing.


Coffee in the Guji Zone is almost always purchased by agents at washing stations from nearby farmers who pick from their backyards, where coffee flourishes wild among other cash crops such as mangos and bananas. Washing stations often pay a premium to the producer for selling ripe cherries only.

Because production is on a smaller scale, producers often do not hire a mix of transient and year-round workers to pick cherries, but instead, they pick their own crops, aided by family members.

Sample packs include (2) 1/2 lb. bags of each coffee listed.

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