Decaf Duo - Washed and Natural - Green Coffee Samples

Decaf Duo - Washed and Natural - Green Coffee Samples

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The Washed
When we set out to create our very first decaffeinated lot, we knew we wanted to approach it like we do everything: with intention.

Thus was born our Washed Qonjo Decaf, a careful blend of traceable washed coffees from our partners in Ethiopia.

In Amharic, Qonjo means “beautiful”. It is used as well to describe a lovely spring day on a coffee washing station, where the river roars just out of sight and the bright Ethiopian sun warms the top of your head.

Transported from Ethiopia through faraway ports and also New Jersey, this coffee is then trucked to British Colombia, where it is decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process.

It’s not just a clever name. Our coffee is decaffeinated by soaking it in water through Swiss Water's proprietary process, eliminating 99.9% of its caffeine–but leaving the sunny, lovely flavor that lives up to its name.

The Natural
Our Quest: To create a decaf coffee so nuanced and tasty that even decaf haters find something to like.

How did we do it? Well, for starters, we stuck with what Catalyst Trade does best—sourcing gorgeous coffees. Because the truth is, most decafs don’t start out as amazing coffee, so really, how can they be outstanding in their decaffeinated version?

We weren’t interested in another iteration of that.

What we really wanted was to give Dur Feres lovers everywhere a chance to experience it in Decaf form. So we sent some of our classic Dur Feres natural to our friends at Swiss Water Decaf Process, and voila! What came out on the cupping table has us sipping and grinning. (99.9% caffeine free via the patented Swiss Water Decaf Process, too)!

Sample packs include (2) 1/2 lb. bags of each coffee listed.

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