Our Vision

Let’s change how coffee is traded.


From an ethical standpoint, traditional coffee importing is broken: profits are hoarded by shareholders and don’t impact workers throughout the supply chain. In many areas, coffee farming and production is financially unsustainable.

The entire model is built and sustained by one party exploiting the previous party, from bottom to top (farmers to consumers). Profit is sought in exclusion to other goals such as quality of life for stakeholders and economic long term health.

Additionally, Ethiopian coffee is volatile, risky, and hard to ensure quality, consistency, and relationship. This is compounded by a typical company structure of foreign buyers with little investment in the supply chain in Ethiopia.

Here’s our next step toward shifting this:

Create a coffee trade platform specializing in Ethiopian coffee with investors and stakeholders in both countries. Set out with the gutsy goal of creating a project that will serve as a case study for the entire global chain and as a foundation for future positive changes in the industry.

Open by considering all participants as stakeholders and acting like it. Facilitate transparency and open dialogue by publishing coffee cost breakdowns for every pound sold. Lean into partnerships that align solid business and quality practices with mutual risk and reward.

Seek B Corp certification from day one.

Pay everybody fairly.


Help us prove it can be done.