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Ethiopian Innovation Lots

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Innovation Lots Auction

On August 1, 2023, Catalyst Trade, partner producers, and auction platform M-Cultivo invite you to bid on up to 24 world-class lots from Ethiopia.

Processing methods designed and engineered by Catalyst
Hand Processed Lots
Managed by the Ethiopian team at partner processing sites
Comprehensive QC
Quality control at every stage, from field to export

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Innovation Process Categories

Years of careful study, and countless trials make for a lot of data. We've arrived at three distinct process categories to help us, well... process it all.


White, Red and Black Honey; Spontaneous Fermentation

Expressing the coffee’s inherent characteristics in as true a form as possible. While the process controls are finely tuned, it is the elements intrinsic to the coffee and the environment which play the biggest role in the ultimate flavor expressions.


Extended Fermentation and Limited, Ultra-Low and Zero Oxygen Natural

Carefully timed fermentation cycles and oxygen limitations, with the express purpose of enhancing certain characteristics found within the coffee

Here, we seek not to alter the inherent character of the coffee, but rather to focus intensity.


Cherry co-fermentation, Cascara-Infused and Layered Fermentation

Building on a foundation of unique agroforestry and rich biodiversity we utilize coffee’s own products and by-products as fermentation tools with the express intent of targeting enzymatic reactions, creating distinctly enhanced flavor attributes.

Ethiopian Innovation Lots Sample Boxset

The coffees featured in this sample set—representing the rarest, most-cherished lots in the world—were produced by the Catalyst Trade team through endless sundrenched hours of labor at rural Ethiopian washing stations and long days in dusty processing warehouses in Addis Ababa.