Ethiopia and Peru: Custom-sourcing green coffee at large volumes

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We talk a lot about our values around here at Catalyst Trade, and for a reason. It keeps us sane. Keeps us clean, dedicated to the people and purpose that put us here in the room with you.

One of our primary sourcing values is: Buy the producer’s entire production whenever possible. It does about .03% good for us to buy a 2-bag experimental microlot from Dionisio Aguilar. Can he take that to the bank to fund his family’s livelihood, or even the chicken feed he hauls up to the farm in the back of his 4WD pickup truck? Nah.

And, how does this small lot skimming help our roaster partners in the end? Well, for sure they might win competitions & attract attention with those top lots, so there’s a demonstrable benefit. But most of our roaster partners require a nuanced lineup of coffee, much of which is more price- than quality-conscious. They need partners they can trust (like Catalyst Trade) who offer them not only a variety of coffees but also shipping and sourcing efficiencies.

WideFormat Coffee Producer in front of weathered storage house in Peru.Pictured: Dionosio Aguilar

What helps Dionisio AND our roaster partners is when we work to source his entire production, doing the work with him and them to plug each coffee lot in at the right value and position.

MORE, and more differentiated.

To this end I’m happy to share with you that we are officially rolling out full-container and large-volume sourcing in Peru and Ethiopia.

Now custom-sourcing blender Perus for your roasting operation 

You’ve read about our beautiful Peruvian Nano, Top Lot, and Lot programs - and if you haven’t, I encourage you to check them out. We’ve also shared about why we are expanding into Peru (it’s a really sweet backstory). As the last part of these announcements, we are outlining how you can work with us to source 80-84 point, certified or not, Peruvian blenders from our partners in Northern Peru.

It’s new for Catalyst Trade to work with larger lots, a necessary nod to the realities of sourcing, importing, and the needs of our partners on both sides of the globe. As we scale up, we’re increasing focus on supporting our roasters for the entirety of their purchases from the origins where we specialize.

We are pleased to be taking this immediate next step with Peruvian blenders, as they stand beautifully in any Washed Mild category. I encourage you to take this step with us and reach out for a quote!

The Process to Get Peru Blenders

  1. Reach out to us and initiate a conversation.

  2. We’ll gather info from you and respond with a quote which has several delivery and payment options.

  3. If you want assistance in financing, we’ll intro you to our financing partners and support your process.

  4. Once we sign the contract with you, it should be 5-9 weeks until the coffee arrives and is cleared for release!

WideFormat Coffee Cherries drying on raised bed in Ethiopia.Time to Plan: Ethiopia FCL or FOB Purchases

Our 2023 sourcing plans include more exciting Innovation Lots than ever—which you’ll be hearing about in coming weeks! After years of preparation, our Ethiopian footprint has reached the point where we can easily provide you with Full Container and FOB purchases direct from our export company there, OR we can offer sourcing services through a variety of networks.

Basically, whatever your Ethiopian coffee needs are, at ANY stage, Catalyst Trade can help you knock it out of the parkIf you are interested in purchasing direct from origin, reach out now to start planning.

WideFormat Emily holding camera smiling in coffee lab in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.Relationships Drive Sustainability

As our industry works tirelessly to manage costs now and in the future, making long-term commitments with trusted partners makes all the difference. We feel incredibly fortunate that our relationships in Ethiopia and Peru are now paying off, providing stability in this time of considerable shock.

I’d like to once again extend the invitation to continue participating in our quality-focused supply chain. Together we can make financially sustainable decisions that work for everybody in our world—including those who need it the most. That’s why we’re here to help support your needs, through assisting with financing and more—to help you, us, and our grower partners survive and thrive in 2023 and beyond.

— Emily McIntyre, CEO


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