Catalyst Trade soft launches Small Bag Program

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Excitement. Anticipation. Nerve-wracking uncertainty. Pondering the possibilities that each new year brings while listening to all of the collar-chafing forecasts for belt-tightening in 2023—it’s easy to shuffle into January feeling all of the above, all at once.

At Catalyst Trade we are choosing to make the year ahead one of explorationexperimentation and as always, problem-solving. What better way to kick off 2023 than with a project that hits all three bases?

Enter our new Small Bag program, now in the soft launch phase. We created this so roasters of all stamps can experience a wide variety of beautiful Catalyst Trade coffees in 10-pound increments. Whether you consider yourself to be a small-to-medium, micro, nano, or home roaster, now you can try our coffees with low commitment threshold and a ton of room for constantly-cycling, seasonal variety!




Here are the details you should know about our Small Bag Program:

  • Single orders may be placed in 10-lb. increments.

  • Small bag coffee ships to anywhere in the continental U.S. and Canada.

  • Sample bag duos — (2) ½-lb. bags — can ship anywhere in the U.S.

  • Small bag purchases are available for local pickup at the Catalyst Trade lab in Portland, OR.

  • Offerings are shipped in 10-lb. or ½-lb. Ecotact bags designed specifically for optimal green coffee storage.

  • After the full launch, all small bag customers will receive coffee-specific QR Codes on labels which provide coffee information and select photos for our partner roasters and retailers to use in their marketing materials.

  • We provide roast notes, correlated to the resulting flavor graphs, available with each coffee, making it a breeze to profile the coffee or start a conversation.

  • New offerings from Ethiopia, Kenya and Peru coming soon, including Small Bag Program exclusives.

New Access, New Frontiers

This program has been in the works for years—our Founders Michael and Emily have wanted to create it since the early days!—but NOW is the perfect time to launch for a few reasons.

We are deeply excited by how many new coffee roasters are entering the market commercially, on a small scale. When the economy, inflation, and international politics demonstrate cause for concern, it is refreshing to see hope playing out in new business opportunities, and we want to support those with easy access to smaller amounts of our Ethiopian, Kenyan, and Peruvian coffee.

As well, many small roasters would love to have the freedom to buy multiple times through the year and launch new product runs with their customers, instead of buying a single 60 kg bag, paying obscene shipping rates, and then working through it slowly.

Additionally, we’ve been intensely interested in the rise in home roasters who want to access the best green coffee options, and who roast them very well. Our CEO Emily’s dad is an avid home roaster who has gotten many of his friends involved in it and takes great care to navigate his blends and SOs. (He got the very first access to our Small Bag program, with a one-time code for “Catalyst Dad”).


Will all of Catalyst Trade offerings be available through the small bag program? No, it would be impossible to roll out every coffee we import at this level. However, our team–including Colin and Emalee Ann in the QC Department—who hand-pack every bag and personally create the roast curves and correlated cupping notes!—are having way too much fun hand-picking which coffees to share in a seasonal rotation through the Small Bag Program.

In the future, we plan to roll out some very cool projects including an Insider’s Access club, a subscription to get first access to each new release, and so much more.

For now, we want to invite you to join this new program, and help us boost this off the ground!

WideFormat Catalyst employee holds bag of green coffee in foregroundJoin our Beta—Be a First-Adopter!

Everything we do here at Catalyst is a function of our strong relationships with you, our customers, with our producer partners, and everyone in between. This is why your engagement with our new Small Bag program means everything to us.

We are launching more coffees almost every week on the site. And we want to invite you to browse, check out the coffee listings, and jump in to satisfy your curiosity! You’ll be able to get access to our beautiful and shiny Ethiopia, Kenya, and Peru coffees at a substantial discount… and as easy as a couple clicks of the mouse.

Click through to the shop page to join the Small Bag Program in 2023!

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