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How This Roaster Won a Golden Bean Award and Rallied the Entire City of Redding, CA

Sam LaRobardiere was on a camping trip with his family when he heard that his roasting company,

Theory Collaborative, had scored the gold medal in the Single Origin Espresso category at the 2018 Gold Bean Awards.

“I lost it!” He says. “I was on cloud nine. I was out on this camping trip with a bunch of people I didn't know very well, and I just started gushing to them. It was amazing!

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Some Ramblings on Trust in Coffee & Life

We all know that, while it’s got some real positive traits, the emphasis on “Direct Trade” is critically lacking in real-time solutions to the actual, extremely complex, world of coffee trading. At its core level, the emphasis on the connection between roaster + farmer ignores the other stakeholders in the mix: the pickers, mill workers, truck drivers, quality control personnel, insurance agents, exporters, accountants, trainers, customs brokers, importers, warehouses, baristas, and customers, among many others.


It’s not the whole picture.

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